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  • LEDGO-T2880LMC

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  • £2,190.00 inc. VAT

    £1,825.00 exc. VAT

  • £2,190.00 inc. VAT

    £1,825.00 exc. VAT

This soft, cool LED is well suited for today’s growing demands for energy efficient, portable, colour accurate lighting. Perfect for any studio environment or use on location, T2880 is cool and efficient. It delivers a beautiful, soft light over a wide area, making it ideal for shooting portraits.


As an ultra-soft panel, the T2880LMC gives even light over a large area, reducing the number of lights, reflectors and umbrellas you need for your studio. Wide panels are fantastic back lights, excellent for illuminating chromakey screens and ideal for portrait shots (landscape or portrait).

Multiple control options (manual, DMX or optional WiFi) means that the light is at home on location or in the studio.

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