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  • Audio Technica BP4027

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  • £1,326.00 inc. VAT

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Based on models originally developed for use in the broadcast of the Sydney Games in 2000, the BP4027 (14.96" long) and BP4029 (9.29" long) Stereo Shotgun models are engineered for high-end broadcast and production use. Both microphones feature independent line-cardioid and figure-of-eight elements configured in an MS (Mid-Side) arrangement with switch-selectable internal matrixing. These innovative microphones allow sound recordists the choice of selecting a left-right stereo output (wide or narrow) via the microphone’s internal matrixing system or choosing discrete Mid-Side signals for later manipulation, a flexibility not available from any other manufacturer.



The BP4027 is equipped with two independent electret capsules, one configured as narrow cardioid and the other configured in figure of eight MS mode (central-lateral) with provision for adjusting the width of the stereo image in postproduction or outside by means of a matrix mixer.


With the BP4027 you can choose between a wide sound recording angle (LR-W) - whereby the microphone captures more ambient noise, or a narrow sound recording angle (LR-N) where the rejection is greater and ambient noises are mitigated.


The BP4027 is manufactured from a lightweight but very sturdy aluminum, which can be heavily used in harsh environments. Its length is 380mm and it weighs 142g, making it ideal for installing on a boom. If its size were to be troublesome on certain cameras, it can also be used on a stand to capture distant sound sources.

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