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Broadcast Technology in Education


With the NewTek TriCaster, you're free to share school news, sports events and other activities—quickly and easily. It's easy to learn and operate. One person or a small team. Broadcast or webcast the action. Stream live to the Web. Deliver to projector. Record for future viewing. Do it all. All at once. TriCaster gives you the freedom and the power to deliver your school's activities to family, friends and fans. Higher learning – it's more affordable than you think.   Educators can optimize students' live production experience with

- Systems small enough to fit in a backpack for on-the-go production
- Multi-camera live switching
- Audio mixing, with real-time output to video
- Video layers
- Titling
- Slow motion and other special effects
- TriCaster live virtual sets to deliver network-style programming from a limited space
- Easy-to-learn operation 

In today's digital world, integrating live production into your school's curriculum is a must. Educators can add deep, multi-layered elements to traditional learning. And students learn valuable technological and multi-disciplinary skills.

They also develop team-building techniques, collaborative abilities, and contribute to the overall school message by producing student news, sports, and other activities. Super simple set-up. TriCaster sets up within minutes of opening the box with an easy-to-follow Quick Start Guide. Connect the cables. Plug in cameras. You're ready to produce in minutes.

Click here to learn how teachers and educators count on NewTek for their education solutions.  To talk more about NewTek in your classroom please contact us on 01582 469555 or

Educational facilities offering an audio and/or video production curriculum face challenges well beyond those of typical editing facilities. For instance, compatibility is very important to educational facilities. The latest operating systems, and applications, need to be supported along with legacy products to give students a broad experience. Equipment bought during different budget cycles MUST talk to the SAN. This allows students to access their files from a variety of different platforms and tools.

Multi-user support, security, and administration are required to provide each student a portable workspace, while protecting libraries of read-only class material and shared assets. Students are busy enough with their course work. That’s why they need simple, secure access to their own work and the materials provided by the teacher.

Even though budgets are always tight, the demand of many students accessing the shared storage requires the right balance between price and performance. By leveraging existing network resources, SNS offers SAN solutions that provide the necessary performance while keeping costs reasonable. In many cases, our products eliminate the need for other components in an edit suite, such as expansion chassis for workstations.


Key Solution Features

- Compatibility

- Multi-user support and security

- Price/performance

Key Solution Benefits

- Expose students to a broad range of systems

- Each student can have their own storage and access to shared assets

- Provide the necessary performance for many users

- Priced to work within your budget

Click here to learn how SNS can streamline your storage needs.  To talk more about SNS in your education facility please contact us on 01582 469555 or

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