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IP-Based Sports Production Becomes Reality with NewTek 3Play® 3P1

IP-Based Sports Production Becomes Reality with NewTek 3Play® 3P1




NewTek introduced today the NewTek 3Play® 3P1, the most cost-effective, easy-to-use and feature-rich replay solution in the world with native IP video processing. 3Play 3P1 offers both NDI® and 3G SDI input, cross conversion, and output. An intuitive dual-channel “first replay” telestration solution allows talent to draw over live NDI video, or optionally reverse-keyed on the field-of-play on any PC, tablet, or touchscreen with a single network cable.

Via NDI, NewTek’s innovative video over IP technology, 3Play 3P1 automatically translates connected SDI sources to NDI, enabling local inputs to be shared simultaneously across the network with compatible systems and devices. Built-in dual-channel “first replay” telestration empowers on-air talent with transport controls to start, stop, and scrub video in either direction. Users also benefit from the presence of familiar workflow paradigms for sports production and replay, recognizable from not only current and previous 3Play systems, but established solutions from other manufacturers as well.

“3Play 3P1 gives the producer more power on game day than any other turnkey sports production system,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek. “It doesn’t matter whether you are producing on a traditional infrastructure or moving to an IP workflow, our goal is to provide all of the tools needed to give fans the best possible viewing experience, whether they are on the couch, on their phone or sitting in the stands.”

3Play 3P1’s tight integration with NewTek IP Series, TriCaster® TC1, and NVG1 Graphics Server create

an unparalleled IP production powerhouse delivering a full IP workflow that is the most cost-effective and complete sports production solution in the world. 3Play 3P1 natively supports custom user-interfaces to be built from almost any browser on any networked device via NewTek LivePanel™, available as an option. Multi-channel recording, internal transitions, social media publishing, and more make 3Play 3P1 the ideal replay system for almost any application.

With simple Ethernet connectivity, 3Play 3P1 delivers competitive advantages ideal for contemporary sports networks, production companies, professional sports organizations, college athletic programs, esports producers, and venues limited by conventional replay systems that want to leverage modern networking technology and interconnected production workflows.


3Play 3P1 supports a wide range of advanced features including:

• 1080p60 SDI, hybrid, and end-to-end IP connectivity

• Support for up to 4 external inputs and 2 outputs - SDI or NDI

• 4 multi-viewer outputs

• Synchronized, continuous, full-resolution capture

• Record and playback simultaneously

• Preview all angles simultaneously while recording and playing back video

• Show all angles of recording synced on output

• Build playlists with full transitions, audio, sound effects, and stinger animations

• Per output overlays with positioning and transitions

• Integrated dual-channel telestration with remote transport control

• LivePanel™ option to build browser-based user interfaces and workflows

• Multi-purpose video server with clip preview

• Real-time social media export or transcode files for immediate delivery

• Import external video, audio, and stills in common formats

• Intuitive asset management and tagging system

• Automation with custom macro commands

• Support for MIDI, GPI, AMP protocol, and much more