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Get complimentary TriCaster Advanced Edition software


Advanced Edition Promo

Get complimentary TriCaster Advanced Edition software when you purchase a TriCaster 8000 or TriCaster 460 with control surface, for a limited time.

TriCaster Advanced Edition adds over 100 capabilities to your TriCaster, including IP/SDI hybrid workflows using NDI™, NewTek’s Network Device Interface. Capabilities include:

•     NewTek’s Advanced IP Workflow, giving you access to any video source, anywhere on your network, expanding your switchable content exponentially. 
•     Bigger programs with more outputs to more destinations over IP. 
•     More audience engagement with data-driven graphics in your games, reports, and live events with up-to-the-second stats, social media, and more. 
•     Elevate your brand with automated in-show replay capabilities, full-motion compositions, real-time multimedia effects, and LiveSet technology. 
•     Deliver first-rate second and third screen content directly to your viewers. 

Offer ends 30th December 2016