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JVC BD-X201 ME DVD Recorder
Professional DVD Recorder

NOW AVAILABLE: Medical DVD Recorder, which records direct to disc. It manages encoding, authoring and burning, simultaneously, in real-time. EN60601-1 standards approved, condition code recording, foot pedal control and DVD session writing capable.

Main Features:
Creation of DVDs direct to disc, in real time
EN60601-1 European medical standards approval
All-in-one solution with no PC required
Easy one-time creation of customised menu, that can feature corporate logo & name, department, patient number, besides customised background
Additional recording control via foot pedal
RS-232C remote contollability via SVO9500, ipso facto medical standard
Condition Code recording capability
Session writing capability: patient's image data can be accumulated, over time, to same DVD disc (which remains fully readable in meantime)
YC signal output
15 second time buffer to close the Title (session) and so save the DVD recording, if power supply is cut off

Additional Features:
Simple creation of DVD chapters
Professional compression engine provides top class audio and video
Comprehensive range of digital and analog I/Os
Automatic creation of thumbnails for chapters and titles which can subsequently be edited
Records to DVD-R discs for permanence & archiving and to DVD-RW for rewritability
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